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Launching December 31st 2023

Water for Everyone

The story behind yogawater™ is simple and centred around the act of Giving. We believe that the world today needs more love, gratitude and faith than ever before. And the best way to share these beautiful human feelings is through a medium that flows indiscriminately across borders, genders, beliefs and differences. Water.

 So we took pure drinking water and infused it with human consciousness to create a movement. We say movement because every time someone buys a bottle of yogawater™, we will give a day of water to someone who doesn't have access to clean drinking water. Because we believe that every man, woman and child deserves to have access to it.
To be a part of our Giving story, simply sign up for free and join the waitlist. This small act of Giving makes you part of the yogawater™ tribe and instantly starts the Giving ball rolling with a day's access to clean drinking water to one needy family in exchange for your email. All of which is made possible with the help of B1G1 - a social enterprise and a non-profit organisation that enables us to spread love, gratitude and faith across the world through water.​​

Business For Good

yogawater™ has joined hands with B1G1 to achieve maximum impact of its movement. B1G1 is an initiative with a mission to create a world full of Giving by making it easy and meaningful to give. It allows businesses and individuals to give easily to high-impact projects run by the carefully-vetted charity organisations it partners with.

promises to forward 100% of what it receives to its Worthy Causes. Which means whenever a member gives on the B1G1 platform, it even absorbs and tops up the bank charges. So every single dollar and cent we receive from you goes to the designated organisation and this is verified by our own stringent auditing process as well.

Using B1G1's unique tools like the interactive widget, we can track each impact created by yogawater™ in real time.

yogawater™ Impacts Created

yogawater™ Infusions
The simple yet empowering act of Giving, around which our movement is centered, will help spread much needed Love, Gratitude and Faith across the world. We took these very emotions and infused them separately into pure water and created three variants of yogawater™


Giving. Unconditional. Eternal.


Giving. Thankful. Loving.


Giving. Everlasting. Universal.
made with the intent of water for all
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